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Jennifer Ashton, LMT

Custom-tailored Massage
60 minutes      $90
90 minutes      $130

In-home sessions & cancer care/hospital based massage
Please contact me directly for rates

Swedish Massage: This classic massage technique utilizes long, flowing strokes with a firm, gentle pressure to ease muscle tension and improve circulation, revitalizing your whole nervous system. Perfect for relaxation, stress relief, and treating sore muscles.

Prenatal/Perinatal Massage:
Designed specifically to improve circulation, reduce swelling in the feet and hands, release tension in the lower back, hips, neck and shoulders and reduce anxiety and depression. Adapted to accommodate all stages of pregnancy, from first trimester through past due.

Is based on the principle that there are zones and reflex areas on the feet and hands, which correspond to all systems and organs in the body. By applying specific pressure to these areas, it can result in stress reduction and help normalize organ function. Reflexology encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own balance, increase energy, and reduce pain.

Myofascial Release/Deep Tissue: This form of manual therapy works to restore motion and eliminate pain by applying sustained pressure and stretching to muscles and restrictions in connective tissue. Very effective for treating chronic patterns of tensions in the body.

Cancer Care/Hospital-Based Massage: Massage, reflexology, energy work, and compassionate touch for the seriously ill. Session can take place at home, in the hospital or at massage office.